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The Goats and Llamas

3 Aug

It has been so crazy busy around here that I haven’t even shared much with the goats and llamas lately.



But everyone is still here and doing well.


I still haven’t sold any of the older kids because of weather and lack of help to load them out. This Saturday doesn’t look good either–around 100°F.  That’s too hot to load them out and sell them.

Tansy with daughter Alice

Even with the high temperatures we’ve had this week, everyone is hanging in.


I always worry about Maybeline in the heat, but she is doing well.


They are still spending most of the day out in pasture, but they generally just eat in the shade.

Chiffon and Bambi hanging out under the trees.

There’s not much water down in the ditch, so I am sure to keep plenty of buckets with fresh water in the barnyard.


We will be happy for cooler weather.