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A Week Later

1 Aug

I planned on scooping the barn and Love Shack while we had cooler weather. Considering we’re into horrid heat again this week, it was a really good plan.

I started last Sunday, the 24th.  After my dad came out and helped we had most of the third section done that day.

The next day, I finished it up. Then, I worked on the middle section.  Odie was not happy that I removed one of the llama poop piles and was messing with the other one in there.


I completed my goal for that day.

On Tuesday, I decided to do the Love Shack.  I was throwing from the other side of the spreader and could get it all filled up that way.  But I forgot that I hadn’t scooped it out the last time I did the barn, so it was really full.  In fact, I had the manure spreader almost overflowing and had to stop.

But I still had some of the Love Shack left to scoop.

I took Wednesday off from scooping, but my nephew’s dad came and emptied it and brought it back for me.

I told you it was overflowing.

Thursday morning, I finished scooping out the Love Shack.  I literally just finished scooping when Zinnia came up to have her kids.

You can still see how that the concrete hasn’t even dried out, but I had the bale of straw beside me when I took the picture above.

Zinnia with Barbie while we were waiting on the vet.

Then I went back to the middle part.  I couldn’t quite get it done.

Friday I finished the second section, and I got a really good start on the first section.

But I just didn’t have any strength left to finish that little bit.

Dolly in the doorway

Saturday morning, I finished it.

I’m done!  I got the barn and Love Shack all scooped out this week.