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Just Some of the Goats Again

31 Aug

How is it already the last day of August?





Chiffon with kids Masey and Mooch




Zinnia’s girls: Barbie and Jeanie

I can’t believe we’re this close to real fall.

Garden Friends

30 Aug

Earlier in the summer, I kept seeing a rabbit hop out of the garden when I would show up to work.  Of course, I never had my camera with me, and this weekend when I did have my camera, there was no rabbit to be seen (I’m not complaining about that). The garden is filled with creepy crawlies right now.  I can handle the grasshoppers.

These little green bugs on the milkweed below are devouring my tomatoes.  I am very not happy with them.

I’ve also met a couple of friends while I’ve been up picking the garden lately.  The first was a praying mantis.  It was not too sure about me photographing it, but I just kept sticking my phone in its face.

Then this past weekend the garden spider made its appearance.

These are a favorite spider of mine.

Interestingly enough, when I was looking for a bit of information on them (linked above), I read that their egg sacs are vulnerable to being eaten by praying mantises.  So, I might have to evict the next praying mantis I see.

A Hint of a Plan

29 Aug

I’m still annoyed over how bratty and wild most of these kids are.  Well, Ostara is a brat.


She’s not wild.  If I get her in the right mood, she loves to have her butt scratched.  But it’s only if she’s in the mood.

I get why the June kids are wild.  I left on vacation at the wrong time, but Zora was already wild.


I still want to keep Zora.  She’s big, beautiful, and mostly dairy.  I just keep thinking of how awesome she would be to milk.

Then there’s Ava, who is an amazing milking doe who is getting older.  I’d love to keep a girl from her.


Unfortunately, all of her girls have been wild. Even her Freddie and Fanny–I have a sweet Freddie boy, but Fanny was so wild I couldn’t keep her.

Fannie and Freddie (from May 2020)

But this year, I took her girl, Heidi.  She is a bottle kid, and honestly, she was already pretty sweet before I gave her a bottle.  How many times have I posted about how the two bottle kids won’t leave me alone?


Anyhow, I’m thinking I need to capture Zora and Ostara and shut them in the Love Shack with Heidi and Pretzel and Rosie.

Rosie will be sad when I sell her sister, Shelly.

Heidi and Pretzel

Maybe then, they’ll calm down and be sweet.  Because I really want them and I really want them to be not wild.  I’d settle for not wild.  We’ll have to see how this all plays out.