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Just Some of the Animals

30 Jul

With trying to get the barn cleaned out, I haven’t had much time to take pictures, so I’m just giving you a few leftovers from the last week or so.

How I wish I could get Zora tamed down to keep her.

3 generations: Daisy, Zora, and Bambi


Margarita’s kids: Terry and Howie

I thought the birds would have eaten all the green stuff out of the pen by now, but the chickens don’t seem to care for what’s growing in there.

The little flowers in front of Mr. Peacock are stinking chamomile.  I am deathly allergic to them. I’m going to have to get rid of it before it spreads and I can’t even get in to take care of them, but I hate to spray things.

Mr. Peacock

Pasture is still tall and the seeds have dropped.  At this point we’re putting off making hay.  It might even be fall, but if we get rain, it will really improve the quality of hay at this point.

Purl walking through pasture.

Aurora–the last picture I took of her.

Cinnamon still has all of her fur!  I’m hoping to stay on top of the copper so she doesn’t get that bare streak down her face again before the winter.


Flower is still looking really good!


Miss Goose is enjoying her pool and not sitting on a nest.

Miss Goose

And some not quite livestock.

Bob under the deck when it was really hot