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Keeping Them Healthy

28 Jul

Sometimes I think goats are the most fragile creatures on the planet–between worms and hoof care and copper and aging and everything else, it can be overwhelming.

The counter in the milk room.

To make things more difficult, each type of worm/parasite requires a different medication for treatment.

Cydectin for round worms; CoRid for coccidia

Benji was given Cydectin for the round worms, and then I put CoRid in the water for coccidia.  The thing about CoRid is that if you give a goat too much, it can cause polio.  In goats, that is a thiamine deficiency.  It can kill them.  Putting it in the water eliminates me trying to guess their weight and measure precisely.

Benji and Frodo

After this treatment, Benji is looking and acting better.

No more diarrhea and gaining his weight back.

But, while I was still treating his water, Antigone ended up with diarrhea.  I brought her in to give her Cydectin for round worms because that is the most common type of worm.

Antigone coming up from pasture

After treating her, I trimmed her hooves and then did a few more goats’ hooves because it is a constant maintenance thing.

Antigone’s hooves have healed from the stress fractures.

When I finished with hooves, I went to put the wormer back in the cupboard and realized he had grabbed the wrong one (Yes, I am ADHD).  I gave her the one that was sitting out because I was still using it with the bucks.  I gave her the one that if you give too much, it can cause polio.  Because of dosing differences, she had four times what one dose would be.

Antigone in the milk room.

Luckily, the fix for too much CoRid causing polio is to provide that thiamine.  I called my vet to get the dosing information.  So she got shots of thiamine for the next several day.  But she’s doing okay.

In the midst of all this, I’m still trying to keep doing hooves, but they do not always cooperate.  Astra is one of my milking girls.  She comes in and lets me mess with her no problem.  But for some reason, she decided to yank her foot just as I cut.  Now she’s sporting a bandage.  I swear they purposely try to make things more difficult.

Astra’s hooves with her kids (PITA and Poche)

I still let my oldest girl, Dolly, in to eat every day.  She is keeping a good weight.

Dolly is a very sloppy eater. Seriously.

But Haley is horrible.  She beats me up to try to force her way in.  I want to give her the feed, so I’m trying to give it to her without letting her in.

Haley getting sweet feed outside the door.

I swear they just try to make things more difficult.  We can do things the easy way, or we can do them the goat way…