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Meds and Treats

26 Jul

While I was gone, Haley got her meds off and on.  I quit giving it to her, and she is still doing well.  I’ll probably start her back on them this winter when the cold is more likely to bother the arthritis.  Unfortunately, she’s not okay with this.  She still thinks she should get her peanut butter cracker every evening.

Haley and Pretzel waiting to try to sneak in my door.

To make it harder, I’m still giving Bambi hers.

Bambi coming to get that treat.

I could tell she was struggling with the mobility when I got back, so she is back to getting hers again.

I’m trying to be nice, though.  So I will grab a handful of peanuts.


That way I can give not only Haley, but a few other goats a treat.


My hope is that some of them will decide they like them and take them with the copper.  Rosie thought about it, but I couldn’t quite get her to take it.  Chiffon finally took a peanut again.  I don’t know why she ever quit, but it would be nice if she took them again.


Any copper capsule I don’t have to push down a throat is a good thing.