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Round Two

25 Jul

Now that the heat has broken for us and we are in much better weather (highs in the low to mid 80s), I am in a whirlwind round 2 of scooping manure.

Haley coming out of the barn.

I need to clean out the barn and the Love Shack by the end of the month because they sold this manure spreader, and I really need to get things cleaned out because goats drop a lot of pellets and waste a lot of food in my barns.

A lot of goats means a lot of manure.

It is not an easy task because it’s been three years since I scooped it out due to the horrible droughts.  It’s really hard to scoop when it’s too dry.

tools of the task

The llamas also make it more difficult because they make piles.  All of them share a pile that they use to go to the bathroom, and they have two of them in the part of the barn I’m cleaning out.


I’m trying to be positive about this and look at it as an intensive exercise routine to get back in shape.