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24 Jul

This one breaks my heart.  Aurora came to the farm in 2017.

Aurora when she arrived

Almost immediately she suffered from ulcers.  It was a long hard battle for her to recover.

Aurora spent the winter in the garage, and was finally getting to go outside that spring.

Antigone and Aurora.  Aurora loved the kids.  She was truly a guard llama.

And she’s never fully recovered. I’ve struggled to keep weight on her with the damage to her stomach.

I gave her extra feed; I became a bonding time for us, and I think she truly trusted me.  That’s saying a lot for this girl.  I do think she had a rough start.


I babied her through the winters; I did everything I could to keep her going.  And she even looked pretty good throughout the summers.

Odie, Aurora, Maybeline

This spring, her ulcers came back.  I debated on treatment, and I finally decided that she couldn’t take any more.  It has been hard to just survive these last four years, and I couldn’t ask her to go through more.

Aurora (2011 – 24 Jul 2022)

The heat the last week has been hard on her, and I had decided to call the vet on Monday to come out, but she got down on Sunday and couldn’t get up.  Bless Maybeline.  She told me something was wrong, so I went and found Aurora and called the vet.  She’s finally at peace on her forever farm.