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Postponing Farewells

23 Jul

I wanted to sell my March and April babies as soon as I got back from vacation, but I didn’t do it last Saturday because my nephew was out of town.

Look how big Tramp is compared to Pluto.

This weekend, we’re supposed to be close to 100°F.  I’m not selling babies when it’s that hot.

Ostara is the one March baby I am keeping.

But those babies are definitely getting big.

Tramp, Lady, Brigit, Perdita, Howie and Terry, and Shellie

And I really want to start milking.  I need to fill my freezer after having two bottle kids.

Spunky (I don’t know what Antigone is doing behind her)

And Caroline needs to quit feeding her Ducky girl.  She struggled with copper last year after raising her baby, and she has diarrhea again.


Hopefully, the next weekend will be better weather for selling kids.