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Not Mine

21 Jul

Ava continued to check Simon and Heidi out.  She actually called to them, but when they answered, she kind of smacked them around.  At least we all know, they are no longer her kids.

Ava with Simon and Heidi

That means nobody is taking them out to pasture.  Sometimes they go out with the herd.  Other days, I have to take them out.

Simon and Heidi

I think I found my tail count for next year!

Once they get out there, they are happy with the herd, and more importantly, they are eating grass and developing their rumens.

Heidi on the tile; Simon just jumped down

Of course, I am still giving them bottles, but I’d like to wean them sooner rather than later.

You’ll notice Pretzel has her nose right in there to see if I brought her a bottle too.

Those older bottle babies always think they should get one too.