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Another Homecoming

16 Jul

You might remember that I sent two of Ava’s babies to stay with my aunt while I was gone.  Well, on Wednesday, they came back!

Simon (Heidi is behind him)

We just took them out of the pet taxi and plopped them down in the middle of the herd.

Heidi (bottom left), Simon (in the middle), Ava (white one with the black spot on the neck)

Ava did check them out, but I wasn’t sure if she was going to take them back or just let them hang out with her and Sophia or completely pretend they aren’t hers.  At least she didn’t try to kill them.

Ava checking out Heidi

While we were unloading the pet taxi, all the big goats went out to pasture, and then I didn’t hear the two kids anymore.  Yep, they just followed the herd out to pasture.

I decided I’d better check on them.  They seemed to be doing just fine.


Frosty and Simon pushing; Heidi behind her brother

Of course, they are still getting bottles.  They seem to have settled back in quite well, but we’ll have to see how things go with Ava.