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The Return to Reality

15 Jul

We had a great vacation.  It was fourteen states in twelve days. We actually cut a couple days off the trip because some of the things we wanted to do were only open one or two days a week, and not the day we were there.

It was a lot of driving.  I have to say, the driving was the only part I didn’t like.  I have not been out of my little circle of existence hardly at all.  In the last ten years, I think I’ve only driven outside this bubble twice–once on a day trip with my sister and once to take a class for work.  Now I drove through fourteen states with a gps that took me on tiny, non-existent winding dirt paths or through the center of Boston.  But I survived.  Don’t ask me how, but I survived, and we made it back home.

My world

And I was so happy to get home despite having an enjoyable trip.  The critters were happy to see me.  I might have been quite popular with these three.  They wanted lots of snuggles.

Sky, Salem, and Tiger all demanding my attention

Bob was just happy the doorman was home.  He was ready to go back to in and out as his whims dictated.


Rocky might have been a bit melodramatic.  He was hiding in the basement ceiling, yowling like he was lost up there.  He made me get a ladder and talk to him and coax him and spend about twenty minutes trying to get him to come to me.  I finally got him and brought him down.

Rocky in the ceiling (I was standing on a ladder and shooting into the dark with my cell phone)

Then he was really clingy.  He did make another trip into the ceiling, crying the whole time when my son stopped by that night.  I hadn’t told him that we were home a couple of days early, but I wanted to give him the gifts I had brought for him and his girlfriend for taking care of the critters.


Because goats will be goats no matter whether or not I’m here, I got a message one evening from my neighbor saying she saw a bunch of goats in my driveway.  Bless her for stopping and letting them back in the gate.

The picture the neighbor sent. I was just excited to see my girls (and Popcorn’s butt).

That is the thing.  Goats are homebodies.  They’ll get out and eat in my ditch, but they are always ready to go back in the barnyard at bed time.  My nephew went out and fixed the fence for me.  The next night, she sent me another text that there was a goat standing there waiting to go in.  My poor nephew got called again.  This time it was Freddie.  He let him back into the buck area through the garage.

The next night, I got a text from my son’s girlfriend asking if this was the mean buck.  Now I don’t have a mean buck, but Xerxes has such a fear of people that he would run over you to get away. I told her that Freddie was a good boy, and he actually went back over the fence.  So I have fence work to do there.

The picture I got when Freddie was out.

Just a few minutes later, she sent me a picture of Shellie. That makes twice that little brat got stuck while I was gone.

The picture of Shellie stuck in the fence.

And there’s no way anyone could track the little kids the way I do.  I couldn’t even count them.  I had to go mom by mom and try to find their kids because you can’t count them running all over the place.  The first thing I did when I got home was to go out to pasture and look for the littles.  I didn’t see a single one, so I knew they were all somewhere together.  When I found them on the bottom, they actually just stood there and stared at me, so I did a quick count (it took me twice) and they were all there!  That was a relief.

Sidney with Crystal and Frosty

Zora is totally wild again (hiding behind her mom)

Ostara was willing to let me give her butt scratches!


Perdita ditched her horn apparatus, but she never got stuck!


My old ladies are all doing okay.

Bambi resting in pasture

The llamas were just there.  Odie might have been a bit annoyed that I’m back because now I’ll touch her again.

Aurora in the barn

All the birds were present and accounted for.  Although the goose is still trying to sit on her nest of non-fertilized eggs, and one hen was acting broody.

Mr. Peacock

It was such a wonderful feeling to come home and see everyone and know that they had good care while I was gone.

This sight makes my heart happy.

My garden had even been checked and taken care of.  I still need to get it weeded again (I wouldn’t ask anyone to weed my garden for me; although, they did do some!).

I’ve started weeding it.

It’s amazing how much the corn has grown in the short time I was gone.  Everything is so green!

My dad mowed for me.  I will say, we did have some storms while we were gone, and I lost a couple of long dead limbs out of the oak tree, so I have some cleanup to do there.

But it was again, a great feeling to know that everything had been taken care of.  I am so grateful to my family, friends, and neighbors who made this trip a possibility.