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Just Some Random Things

11 Jul

Flora is certain that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.


Little Mini is growing.  She might even outgrow her name someday.


Her sister ended up following others out to pasture one day.  Luckily, she made it back okay.


The clip didn’t stay on Masey’s eye for very long, but it fixed it!  She is perfectly fine now.

My lovely Aurora watching the barnyard.


With all the grass out in pasture, my old ladies are even looking good.



Ducky likes to climb the tree.  She is still a cheeky chick.


One day when I was looking for Sidney’s kids, I found these four kids on the rock separated from the herd.  Eventually, Jethro bounded off and found the herd.  The three June babies ended up following me back up to the barnyard.

Jethro, Poche, Bumble, and PITA

I am not sure what happened that the goats could suddenly reach this tree down in pasture, but they certainly were happy about it.

Most of the kids who don’t go out to pasture like to play on the downed tree at the end of the lane.

I can only imagine how big these kids are getting while I’m gone.