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One Day In Pasture

9 Jul

One day, we had a light shower and two goats left their babies in pasture.  What kind of a mother would leave their babies in the pasture in the rain while they come up to a nice dry barn?  Margarita and Sidney. That’s what kind.


Anyhow, I hiked out in the rain to try to find the babies.  I went all over, but I never did see them.  I did surprise myself though when I turned and saw a baby great-horned owl.  It was only about fifteen or twenty feet away from me.

What a cutie!  It was so nice to just watch me and let me take a couple of pictures (with my phone because it was raining after all).

Anyhow, after it quit raining, I cajoled the herd into going back out to pasture and asked Margarita and Sidney where their babies were.

When they went to the right, I went to the left.  I mean, I really did want to find their babies, but I had my real camera and wanted to see if the owl was still out there.  Look!

Then I went and saw that Margarita’s babies were dry and back with the herd.

Howie and Terry

Not too far down the ditch, we caught up to Sidney’s boy.  He was wet.


I hauled him back up to the barnyard.