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Some of the Goats

7 Jul

Today is just some of the goats.  Daisy and Zora after I had to hunt Zora down in pasture and haul her back up to the barnyard.

Daisy and Zora

Reva enjoying herself on the rock.


Victoria browsing in front of the other rock.  Those two rocks are side by side at the start of the ditch.


Caroline was in the tree, and Ducky decided she wanted to eat.  It was a bit awkward and didn’t really work.

Carolline and Ducky

At that point, there’s no going back, so she just had to keep on going.

My beautiful Haley.


Alice is really starting to fill the pan up.


Those oopsie kids are really getting big.  This is Sappho.


Finally, have I mentioned that Zinnia did settle for August 1st kids?


That will be round whatever for the year.  And the last ones for the year.