The Start of the Trip

4 Jul

Our trip has started with lots of driving and not a lot of action.

Mom and Me

We spent the first night with my nephew in Indianapolis, which became our launch point for the rest of the trip.  We actually spent a bit of the evening in a suburb, Carmel.

Mom by one of the many statues in the downtown area.

The first cemetery stop was to visit Lemuel Perin (1749 – 1822), who was a Revolutionary War soldier.  It’s actually the second cemetery the settlers created, but the first one was not in a good location–it flooded and washed up coffins and bodies and was not a pretty scene.  The cemetery was on top of a pretty little hill, and when we got there, the farm owner gave us a ride to the top in her Gater.

Klum Cemetery

So they moved to a hill.  His stone and that of his second wife (1760 – 1828) have been lost or are illegible.  But several years ago, another relative worked to verify his status as a Revolutionary War soldier and had a new monument put up.  There was a dedication ceremony and people came in period dress and celebrated him.  How I wish I had known about that one.

The next day was on to West Virginia where there was another cemetery on a private farm.  We’d tried calling several times and left messages, but nobody returned our calls, so I trespassed.  I tried to find the cemetery, but the directions from find-a-grave simply told sort of where it was and to walk a half a mile up the hill.

Coburn’s Creek Cemetery might be up this hill.

I never got to find either of my mother’s third-great grandfathers who were buried there.  We hoped the rest of the day with her family would go better.  We went north to Pennsylvania, but once we had to leave the main roads, my car’s gps thought I should go through a non-existent road with a bridge out.

I disagreed.  When we finally went back the way we came and followed my directions, we found a nice hill, but no cemetery.

Our third stop for the day was another elusive one.  Well, I went north instead of south, so we got to travel a up and down a mountain whose curves really were a u-turn, and it was a bit crazy. Anyhow, after figuring out that we were not going to anywhere we needed to be, we turned it over to my car’s gps (we really need to name this thing), and she took us to Warrington Monthly Meeting.

We couldn’t find the stone for my 6th great-grandfather, but we got to see where he was buried and the building where he worshiped.

2 Responses to “The Start of the Trip”

  1. twiladf July 5, 2022 at 2:25 pm #

    i named our gps sadie, i i love that stone house. i sued to live in a stone house built in 1896. sounds like you are having a great time!

  2. Jeanne July 7, 2022 at 1:11 am #

    So interesting! But how disappointing that you weren’t able to find the sites you were looking for! Our first and second navigators (I like to refer to them as nag-a-vators!) were both named Veronica. They were both in a Honda Odyssey. We have had two of those great vehicles. My current car is a Chevy Equinox, an SUV, and my daughter calls this one the Commander.

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