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JJ to the Rescue

19 Jun

Like a large portion of the country, we’re hot.  Really hot.  I had hoped the llamas would be sheared before we got to this point because the shearer had told me it would be around the first of June.  Last time I contacted him, he said it would be around the 20th.

I’m pretty sure, with those temperatures, Maybeline would not make it.  I called the only other person I know who has sheared a llama–JJ.


I got the girls penned, and she showed up the next morning!

Maybeline (front) and Odie

We started by getting them all haltered and tied.  I was afraid Aurora would try to bust out because I think she’s had a pretty sad past.  I believe the woman who had her before me got her as a rescue, and she has some major trust issues.

Aurora and Odie

We started with Maybeline.  She has done well before with just being haltered and not put in a stanchion, so that’s what we decided to try.

Maybeline was miserable

She did well.  A couple of stomps and a minor kick, but she did well.  And I can’t say enough about how amazing Miss JJ is with the animals.

Maybeline and JJ

Aurora was next (no picture because she needed all my attention).  With the theory that sometimes less is more, we decided to try her tied like we did Maybeline instead of setting up the stanchion.  She didn’t spit. She didn’t scream.  She did lie down, but when I untied her, she stood right up.  When she went to lie back down again, I just put my foot under her so she thought something was there.  JJ finished Aurora’s belly quickly, and she was done.

Odie was last, and since she’s usually my best one, we also decided to simply tie her.  She did a really good job also.

The stoic Odie and JJ

Well, we might have killed her because if you ask a llama, shearing is fatal.  Just kidding.  The first thing a llama wants to do after being sheared is to go roll around.


Maybeline was hot when I caught her.  I could feel the heat on her neck when I put the halter on, and afterwards, she was acting like herself and trotted out to pasture. She looks so much happier now.

Aurora will be cool, but we just did a belly cut on her so she would be warmer this winter.


Look it’s the Loch Ness Maybeline!

I cannot say how grateful I am to this young lady for helping my girls and me.