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She’s a Lunatic

18 Jun

Thursday, Sidney turned into a lunatic, and I warn you there are graphic images of a goat giving birth.


She kept trying to steal her sister’s kids.

She was talking like they were hers and letting them nurse. When I shooed her away, she started yelling.  That’s when I remembered her kidding experience from last year–she yelled and got her head stuck in the panel twice. She jumped over the panel.  She was a lunatic.  Until she had her kids.

So I just kept shooing her away from kids and hoped she had a short labor because she was a lunatic again.

Eventually, she calmed down because everyone went out to pasture to eat and left all the kids in the barnyard.  When she returned, she was right back to checking out kids, but this time, she had goop hanging, so I knew she was really close.

When one of LilyAnn’s kids was going to nurse her, I snuck up and grabbed Sidney’s horn.  She didn’t even fight me when I led her to the Love Shack.  She did, however, keep yelling.

Finally, she got down to business.  Her first one was coming, but it was a foot and teeth.  As soon as I got the other foot in front for her, the baby just slipped out.

The second one didn’t even require my assistance. (You might want to lower the volume a bit.)

Her first one is a girl, and the second one is a boy.

And that meant I got to sleep all night!