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Joy’s Turn

15 Jun

Once again, I looked out in pasture and saw Joy by herself on the front hill.  She was pawing and turning and up and down.

No Joy in this one because I didn’t have my camera/phone, but this was what I saw on my way back out (you’ll understand that comment later).

So I went out to haul her and her babies up from pasture. But she hadn’t had them yet.  So I just hung out.  The rest of the herd showed up and I had to keep shooing the young bucks away because they thought she smelled interesting.

Bull (he wasn’t being naughty, but I didn’t have a picture of Tommy)

Then she didn’t give birth.  I did a check and found big feet and nose all smooshed together in the birth canal.  I hadn’t come out prepared to pull a baby, so I didn’t have a towel with me.  Trust me, it is hard to pull those slimy little kids without something to help keep those legs from just slipping out of your hands.  I did the only thing I could and whipped my shirt off to use.

I finally got both legs out and pulled.  I tried to use my hands to open her up.  I pulled.  I apologized for hurting her.  I wished I had my phone.  Then I put my foot on her back side so I could pull harder. Then I tried working it out again.  We were making progress, but very slow.  It was a good thing he wasn’t even a dot bigger because I barely got him out, but I got him out.

I left her in pasture and went back to the house (to put a shirt on) and got a towel and my phone.  When I got back, she still hadn’t stood up.

I let her rest and keep cleaning him off, but it was getting dark.

Finally, I had her follow me into the barnyard and over to the buck room.

Poor boy was worn out–it was a hard birth.

Don’t worry, I did give Joy some pain meds.  She is doing well.

Joy with a food pan full of baby.

In the morning, her baby had rattling lungs because it was such a long, difficult birth and hot humid weather, so he got meds.

Joy’s buck

Now they are both doing well!