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I Warned Him

11 Jun

Thursday morning, after a full night’s sleep, I was ready to go.  I had a meeting at 9:00 to talk with a Morton Building rep about replacing my greenhouse.

We were standing there talking about what I needed when I noticed Flora standing there with her outer bag hanging out.  I might have said something like “Holy crap, Flora, you’re going to have a baby.”

Now I had warned the rep that I could meet at that time unless a goat was giving birth.  I continued the conversation, but Flora was doing nothing.  I had to check my first time mom, so I excused myself to get a leash and collar.

I caught her and tied her to a post and checked.  Through a barely open cervix, I felt feet just waiting to come through.  When a new mom doesn’t push, it doesn’t open the cervix.

I started slowly working to open it up.  I got it quite a ways open, but I didn’t want to tear her up.  I stopped and went back to focusing more on the conversation with the salesman.  After a few more minutes with her doing no pushing yet, I checked again.

I still wasn’t going to be able to get that head through without tearing her up, so I excused myself to call the vet.  We continued our conversation while waiting for the vet. A few minutes later, Flora decided to lie down and gave one big push.  Feet!  I went back and felt.

She had pushed the head down into the birth canal, so I could actually pull now.  I got the legs stretched out and pulled.  But a new mom has tight skin, so I started trying to stretch the skin so it could get over the head.  I did make a comment to her that it would be easier if she had an episiotomy. At that comment, the salesman commented that it did look like it hurt, so I assured him it did.  Then I got the last of the skin over the baby’s head and she was born.

I’m pretty sure we were the topic of conversation when he got back to the office.  But I did warn him.