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A Two Doe Kidding Day

9 Jun

Tuesday evening, I checked the girls before bed, and wondered about both Astra and Penelope.

I checked at 2:00.  I decided to check again, so I went out at 3:30.  I still wondered if they were going to seriously get down to business.

Then I came out at 6:00, and I still wasn’t sure.  When I went back out at 6:30, Penelope had a baby.

Gonzo all cleaned off

I carried him over to the Love Shack, and I kicked Chiffon and her babies out.

Chiffon, Masey, and Mooch

It wasn’t long after that that I too Astra over and shut her in with Penelope.

in labor

I checked her all day, and late in the afternoon, I pulled her twins.

They are both big–a boy and a girl.

white boy with wattles

brown girl without wattles

I should have a couple of days to relax before the next round.