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The Start of June Kidding

5 Jun

I have Margarita and Penelope with unknown due dates.  Cutie’s due date was June 3rd. After is Astra due on June 9th.  So I figured Cutie would be first, but you never know.


I’ve been checking all three girls.


June 3rd, Cutie was looking huge.  She wasn’t settled at bedtime, so I went out at midnight.  She had calmed down, but I went out at four am.


I’m getting too old for this.  I fell back asleep in the morning.  I did look out the window at Cutie a time or two, but nothing was going on.  When I went back out about ten, I found Chiffon and her babies.

Chiffon and kids

Chiffon was not due until the 12th.  I figured she would be early the way she looked, but she was just lying there when I did my before bed check, so I didn’t hunt her down in the middle of the night. Because they don’t usually have them a week or eight days early.

Her boy has grandma Cookie’s coloring.

Her girl has great-uncle Casey’s coloring.

Guess I should have.  They don’t look early at all.  I guess she’s just really efficient at making babies and doesn’t need the entire 150 days.

She has a boy and a girl and they are all doing well.