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Working on the Bird Pen

31 May

Since everything arrived for me to fix the pen for the birds, I had to come up with a plan.  The first thing I needed to do to fix it, was sealing up the gap.

And why does it have a gap in the first place?  The goats like to rub against it and remove their winter coats.

Hilda rubbing against it (Shellie behind her)

In order to close the gap, I decided to remove wire from the far side of the pen.  So I guess that actually became the first thing.

With the panel in place over the old netting and the splice.

Then I cut it and used it to splice over the gap on the front side.  After that it was time to put a cattle panel.

On the other side of the door.

It took Purl and Flower no time at all to figure out they could get into the old pen area.  And what’s the first thing Flower did?  Start rubbing against the wire.


That was easy, but I couldn’t figure out how to put the new board on the bottom on that side.  The plan was to sandwich the panel and mesh between the two boards, but there no board left on this chunk.  I had to consult with my dad, and I do have a plan now.

That’s just a 4×4 that I threw behind it years ago.

I worked on it off and on all weekend, but the wind was horrific, and the next thing I had to do was climb a ladder.  In the wind.  No thank you.  I am not that graceful.

Ready to take the top row of wire netting off.

I even tried sealing the door between the two halves of the pen, but I still had to have a chunk of netting–which I had to get from the top strand, and I was not climbing the fence.

Cutie was supervising.

I did do some cleanup on the bottom.

Purl and Jethro by the Quonset hut; Flower and Cutie in front

I threw all the old boards over the fence.

It will be easier to clean up on that side when the Ranger gets back home.  But what I really need is the wind to quit blowing so hard.  That would help more than anything.

Birds and Things

30 May

More birds from pasture.

Another Baltimore Oriole

A dickcissel!

My first sighting of the year, and he was quite cooperative.

A hawk flying over

The barn swallows are back!

Mr Peacock in his full glory dancing for the hen who could not care less.

He’ll be happy when we get back to the bigger building and pen.


My handsome Tiger



She’s pretty from every angle

Sky’s summer resting spot

Rocky–he’s being good for now.

Hope you have had a great Memorial Day Weekend.  Blessings to those who serve and their families.

Naughty Goats

29 May

I was off to a good start of getting things accomplished Saturday morning.  When the goats went out to pasture, I went out and let Margarita, Caroline and Ducky out of the north pen.  Margarita trotted off to pasture, happy to be free.  Caroline whined and yelled and finally just settled in next to the pen I just kicked her out of.

Caroline and Ducky

Eventually, while I was doing my work, I managed to catch Tansy and throw her and Alice out too.  But that meant I know had two adult goats crying like kids because they were not with the herd.

Tansy and Alice

Since I saw some goats out in pasture, I yelled, “Hey, goats!”  That almost always works.  They took their own sweet time, but they did come up from pasture.  I gave them some corn and figured Caroline and Tansy would go back out with them.

2TC relaxing after snax

But I was missing some goats.  I went out to pasture and walked all around, but no goats.  I finally found them on the bottom of the hill across the road–you know, not on my property.  So, I yelled again, “Hey, goats!  Come on, goats.”  They followed me up the gravel road towards home.  Of course, we got to a point where there were lots of yummy scrub brush in the ditch, so I had to leave them and get a bit of corn to rattle in a pitcher.  That did it.  They were running to get back in the barnyard.

Popcorn was one of the naughty ones.

While they were still cleaning up the last of the corn, I pulled the panel over and shut everyone off the Back Forty.

Shellie and Dolly in front of the panel I put across.

Then I fed the bucks a bit of sweet feed and shut their panel.  They are now confined into the buck room and the pen off the garage.

Xerxes, Freddie, Frodo, and Benji with Aurora on the other side of the fence.

The goats and llamas are back on the front pasture.

Playing on one of the fallen oaks.

Cupid with Ostara and Brigit




They will stay there until I can get the panels across the ditch replaced.

It’s a mess down there.

That is probably not going to be until the Ranger comes back home.  Hopefully, the front pasture lasts that long, and I can get it taken care of quickly when the Ranger gets home.