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The Final Countdown

24 Feb

The final countdown to spring break kidding has begun.  I’m thinking about who to put where and watching the weather to see what I might expect.

This year’s tail count kids are Rosie and Frodo

I did udder checks on everyone I hadn’t seen come back into heat, and I am pretty sure there are only six girls to kid the week of spring break.  Penelope is not bred for spring break.  I did have her with Freddie for the time I was breeding for June babies, so we’ll see if she settled for then or if she gets the year off.


The first one due for spring break is Bubbles.  She isn’t looking very big, but she has a little bit of an udder.  She is due March 13th.


The next day is my busiest (if they all kid on their due dates). Athena I wasn’t sure about because she doesn’t look too big.  I did an udder check and nearly got smacked.  I can’t blame her.  Honestly.  But she does have a little udder, and I’m hoping she only has one kid since she refuses to raise two.


Hilda is looking round, and she is clearly making an udder.  I confess I did not check her.  I had already had a close call with Athena, and I was not about to press my luck with Hilda.

Hilda with her girls Purl (back) and Rosie

The third one due on the 14th is Hera.  She is definitely round and making an udder.


The next day, Antigone is due.  Honestly, I’m not planning on keeping any kids from this year, but if Antigone had a beautiful girl that I could train as a milking doe, I would consider it.


Then I have a break until Cupid is due on the 19th.  She has my only Benji babies for spring break.

Cupid (with Tansy behind her)

I am really excited to see what they look like!  Hopefully, with only six girls due it will be an easy, relaxing spring break.