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Antigone Woes

31 Jan

My troubles with Antigone continue.  She was with the bucks, although she wasn’t too happy with Frodo. He likes to bounce at her and she’s such a big wimp that makes her run away.

Frodo and Benji (Lemuel behind)

When I came home one day last week, someone had busted the gate (really bent it up) and let them all out.  I put the three boys back, but let Antigone stay out.

Frodo and Benji

Then she slept outside; it wasn’t a big deal since it was warm.  The next night was going to be really cold again, so I shut her back in with the three boys.  I feel bad, but I have to make sure she goes in.


Sadly, when she’s out in the main herd, she is the lowest goat in the pecking order.

Purl picking a fight with her

She won’t go in the barn; she gets stuck trying to find a warm place to hide; she can’t find a place to eat.

Seriously, I went all across the barnyard trying to find a place for her to eat. Every single time she started eating, someone would chase her off.

I even put it in the middle of the snow, and they chased her out. (Ava)

I actually had to stand there and chase the other goats away the other night.  It was ridiculous.  Even Popcorn was chasing her off.

So she’s out for the nice weather, but I’m guess that I’ll have to shut her back in with the three bucks again when we get cold again.