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Old Ladies and Birds

30 Jan

I still just have the three old ladies in the buck room.

Victoria, Flower, and Coral

I shut the door at night and let them out during the day while it’s nice.

When it gets cold again in a couple of day, I’ll just keep them shut in.


Coral and Victoria are doing great.


Flower is holding her own.


I’m going to try to do another round of copper for everyone on the next decent weather weekend.  Some of the goats are showing signs of needing more.


I still have a couple of other goats I’m keeping a close eye on, but they are still hanging in there.


I’m still making sure Aurora gets her extra feed.  It seems to be helping her, and she waits there everyday until I give it to her.


While the weather is nice, I’m actually starting to get a few eggs.

The birds were all coming outside.

Sadly, this is the only space that is cleared for them.

The poor goose would like a real bath, but it’s buried under all that snow.

The peacock thought it was a good day to come out and flex that tail.

He’s so handsome!