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One-Shot Benji

25 Jan

You might remember that the day after I separated the bucks and does when we were making spring break babies is when Cupid decided to come into heat.  I threw her in with Benji and told him he had one shot at breeding her.


After I finished with chores, I took her out.  Well, I’d say his one shot worked.

Cupid (hard to see how round she is with all the winter fur)

Two days after I separated Benji and his girls, 2TC came into heat.


So I told him he had one shot to breed her.

This time, he actually only got about two minutes with her. It was cold.  I wasn’t waiting.

2TC (with Perdita in back)

We’ll see if that took or not in about three weeks.

2TC and Cupid–the “one-shot girls”

If it worked, he might just have to be forever known as “One-shot Benji.”