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Moving Antigone

18 Jan

I swear Antigone is giving me gray hair.  She got stuck behind the barn door, so I put her in with Flower.

Antigone when it was just her and Flower in there.

That worked, but the two little bucks chased her.  In their defense, they are bucks.  But they also settled down and quit chasing Flower by the next morning.


They would have left Antigone alone too, but I decided she could just go in the greenhouse!  Well, Penelope and Popcorn and Freddie are all mean to her.

Freddie has been a jerk to everyone. He’ll be sold soon.

Then she started trying to just hide from them by going under the workbench.  I kid you not, I’ve had to pull her out from under there three times.

She’s pregnant.  That has to stop.  So I put her back in with Flower and the little bucks.

Antigone standing in a snow drift.

She’s not handling the move well, but I have to find somewhere she’s going to go inside in the cold weather and isn’t going to get stuck.

Antigone staring at Frodo and Lemeul

I think this is the best, last option.