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Since Rocky Returned

11 Jan

I swear I spend as much time dealing with cats as I do taking care of goats right now.  The kitten came with a sneeze, and he had been injured.  I think he’s probably going to have about an inch of his tail amputated when he gets fixed.


That, along with being little, seems to have prevented him from getting all the food he needed.  So when I got him on the kitten chow and canned food, he got diarrhea.

Salem (3+ months) and Tiger (8 months)

We’ve been dealing with all of that stuff.  He’s now on meds for the diarrhea and antibiotics for the sneezing, and he’s doing much better.

So much better that my plants might not survive, and he’s definitely got some static going in that fur.

Rocky came in with lots of sneezing and he’d lost a couple of pounds (luckily he was fluffy when he got out).


He was just hiding and looking miserable.

He started on antibiotics.  He’s also doing much better now.

But trying to deal with all of this has been a lot of work. Luckily Bob is just cranky.

Bob Cat

And Tiger is just a great cat.


My plan of keeping him occupied with the kitten has really been largely successful.

He really is a great cat.