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Time to Breed

4 Jan

Well, it’s time to make June babies, and, boy, do we need to make a lot of June babies.  I think only seven girls settled for spring break.

Pretty sure Antigone is due for spring break babies

This is the second year in a row I’ve had very few settle for spring break.

Astra didn’t settle; Perdita curled up behind her

Even Trace came back into heat, and that never happens when it’s going to be an oopsie baby.

Trace and Pluto

Anyhow, I have to figure out where to put my three bucks and which girls they are going to get with them.


I can say, I think I’m going to put the two little bucks in the Love Shack with Flower.

Lemuel before the move

It’s kind of nice that she’s a freemartin because I don’t have to worry about her being around bucks.