Oh, Those Hormones

12 Dec

Well, it continues.  The girls who didn’t settle for spring break babies keep coming back into heat.  I went out to milk one morning last week (I think it was Tuesday) to find Zinnia and Wanda already out in the barnyard fighting.  I could hardly get Zinnia to quit fighting long enough to come in and get milked.


When I came home, she was stuck in the fence.  Wanda was butting her in the side.  I really am tired of the hormones.


Thursday morning, when I went out to milk Zinnia, I found LilyAnn with her head stuck in the fence.  Seriously.  It’s the only time she does anything like this (Zinnia too).


I took her head out of the fence, milked Zinnia, came out from milking and took LilyAnn out of the fence again and threatened that she’d be standing there all day if she put her head back in there again because I had to go to work. Thankfully, when I got home, she was not stuck in the fence!  Yay!  Then I noticed…

That’s two girls in there with the bucks.  What is up with Caroline? She broke in with the bucks a week ago.  I don’t know why she’s acting like she’s in heat again.  So heaven only knows what’s going to happen there.


I had noticed Tansy was kind of hanging around when I was removing LilyAnn from the fence, so I knew she was coming into heat.


I finally found they had broken the panel where I had to cut LilyAnn out three weeks ago.

After I hobbled it like I did the fence to keep Perdita from nursing.

Anyhow, I fed the goats and then I went to give food to the bucks and pulled Caroline and Tansy into the garage.  Then I led them through the soap room.  Dolly did not appreciate me bringing the two girls in there.

Dolly, Tansy, and Caroline

But I got them back where they belong.  But, it worries me a little bit.

Joy (with Pluto in love beside her)

I keep thinking about my little Joy who managed to sneak back out after getting bred the year she was a yearling.  Sigh…

One Response to “Oh, Those Hormones”

  1. janicead December 13, 2021 at 12:40 am #

    If you were giving morning-after pills to these girls, you would be spending a fortune.

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