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Trying to Put Some Weight On

26 Nov

I really do wish I could get some more weight on Aurora.


I’m trying.  Whenever I can, I sneak her extra feedings.

I have no idea why she doesn’t have more weight on her.  I mean, I feed her extra, but it’s the other two llamas who are…um…well, fluffy.

Maybeline might be extra-fluffy

I’m also still letting Tansy come in to eat each evening.


She still won’t let me touch her outside the milk room, but she does like to come in.  I have to keep telling her she needs to be more assertive to get through the crowds of pushy goats who do not need to come in.


Dolly is also certain to make sure she’s getting to come in.


As my oldest girl, she will get to come in all winter.