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Bob Dangit

15 Nov

Bob tried to jump up in the window Sunday afternoon, but he fell back to the ground.  I went around and opened the front door and called to him.  He came in looking pretty rough.


He was in another fight.

He was freshly bleeding, still agitated and awfully shaky and worn out.

But he still had to contend with three others in the house who wanted to check him out.


I decided the best way to keep the kitten away from him was to feed the kitten to the dog.

Sky eating Tiger

It worked. They had fun.

Then I had to keep Rocky from stalking him.  He is sooo naughty to Bob.


Finally, I got him to settle down under the chair.

Tiger and Sky gave up their wrestling match, and Tiger’s a splooter!

Finally, Bob could relax and rest.

I do wish he’d quit fighting.