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Benji’s Girls

10 Nov

I had four girls with Benji to make spring break kids.

Benji checking out Caroline

I already shared that Chiffon and Venus had come into heat, so no spring break babies from them.


Well, this last week, Trace came into heat.  I counted back three weeks, and she was probably in heat about the day before I put the bucks and does together.  Figures.

Trace (and big sister Bubbles in back)

The next day 2TC came into heat.  I knew when I put her in there that it would be lucky if she actually got bred for spring break babies, but I thought I’d try it.


That means the only one who might give me a Benji baby over spring break is Cupid.  And that is only because I saw her come into heat the day after I pulled the girls out and he was the closest buck for me to put her with.  I should know within a few days if she settled or not.

The waiting is torture.