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Putting on the Fluff

3 Nov

After I put Frodo and Lemuel up north with Benji, I shut Gidget in the Love Shack.  She’s been getting fed A LOT of food, and she is finally gaining weight!  I’m so happy.  Hopefully, she’ll actually be looking good in another week or so.


Tansy was also thin when I weaned her girl.  Tansy is never going to be heavy–she’s got much more of a dairy build, but she is looking good.  She comes in to my milk room every day to get food.


Then there’s Pretzel and Rosie (the PR Girls). They are always trying to come in whenever I feed Tansy or milk goats or just try to walk through the door.

Pretzel and Rosie

Seriously.  It works for them quite a bit.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing for them to be nice and fluffy going into the winter.

Rosie and Zinnia eating sweet feed

Then there’s Dolly who also begs to come in and eat all the time.


She is looking pretty good for a 13 1/2 year old.