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A Wild Nuisance

2 Nov

Lemuel is cute, but he’s wild.  I hoped he’d settle down with Frodo and Rosie, but it didn’t help.

Lemuel and Frodo right after being moved up north

At least the three boys get along well.

Benji, Lemuel, and Frodo

Unfortunately, Lemuel started getting his head stuck again.  Brat.  I finally cut another horn apparatus and trapped him in my tent and got the horn apparatus on him (Did you notice it in the picture above?).  He hasn’t been stuck since (knock on wood).

Lemuel with a brand new horn apparatus.

Benji and Lemuel

I will say, having Benji with my sweet girls for breeding and then being with Frodo has really helped make him friendly.


He’s a pretty silly guy.

I can’t wait to see the kids he gives me.