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A Step Back

31 Oct

With all the inconveniences of the pandemic, I’ve done quite well–toilet paper shortage, masks, quarantine, work from home, and vaccines have been nothing. Now I am really experiencing the first thing to upset me.  My camera is still marching towards its demise.  I could really tell when I was doing the photo shoots last weekend that it was having problems, and I have to keep it going to do the upcoming newborn shoot, so I got out my old camera.  It’s like starting over.  I am playing with it and trying to remember how it works.



Daisy leading the herd in

Benji–hard to take his picture when he’s always jumping up to see what’s going on.


The herd coming in


Purl (Perdita in back)

Xerxes (front); Freddie (back)

I hope it doesn’t give out on me too.