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Closing the Gates

28 Oct

I decided last weekend it was time to close the gates to the back half of the Back Forty.  I noticed the llamas up in the barnyard getting a drink, so I decided it was a good time.  Of course, by the time I got out there, they were headed back out to pasture.

Maybeline and Aurora

I also saw the goats were on the back part of the pasture, but it looked like they were coming back up.

Goats on the back side of pasture.

I went out and greeted them by the gate.

Moose leading the herd.

When they went through, I was waiting to close them.

I did have to wait for Antigone; she was well behind everyone else.


The goats continued on towards the barnyard.

After fastening the gates, I turned around to see Aurora right there.  I had gotten it in the neck of time!


All three of the girls were none too happy that they couldn’t get through.

Although Odie was content to just keep eating on this side of the fence.

Aurora, Maybeline and Odie

I feel a lot better with everyone shut away from the coyote woods with the days getting shorter.