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Odds and Ends

26 Oct

Yep–it’s leftovers again while I’m busy doing a photo shoot (as long as my plans did not go awry).

(Edit: Oops. I rescheduled this from Friday when I was doing a shoot; I’m not doing another shoot today.)

The little farm hand wasn’t too sure about me taking his picture. He’s still cute.

Dolly was not happy with the breeding arrangements. She couldn’t get to the milk room for sweet feed.

The non-breeding goats out in pasture last weekend.

Odie (getting the llama poop pile cleaned out of the barn is still on the schedule for this fall)

Sky still enjoys his Jolly Ball.

Rosie and Frodo before I separated them after breeding.



Tiger is really getting big.


A buck in rut under the full moon. I can’t believe how early it gets dark now.

Have a great weekend!