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The Last Batch

26 Sep

Friday evening, I caught the last batch of kids.

Some of the boys

I had all eight of them shut in the greenhouse.

Jasmine and Sunshine

Then I turned around and saw Thunder had escaped.


I have no idea how.  Ivy looks like she wishes she could have escaped too.


I decided to leave Thunder with his mom until morning.  My plan was to catch him still snuggled with his maa when I came out to milk.

Sidney with her boy, Thunder.

Well, when I came out to milk, he and his brother were already on high alert with their mom.  Brats.  It took some work, but I caught them both, and as punishment, they had to wait on the truck until my nephew came to load everyone else out.

Lightning in front; Thunder in back

So, all eight kids got loaded and sold yesterday morning.

It’s bittersweet to see the kids leave, but mostly it’s a relief.  Fewer animals during the end of summer wormy season is a good thing.