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More Kids Leave

13 Sep

Friday evening, I worked to catch more kids.  I finally got ten goats penned for Saturday morning load out, but they are getting harder to catch.

Kids penned and other kids checking them out.

Of course, the first goat I managed to catch was Sylvia.  I really thought about keeping her, but I’m tired of goats who won’t let me touch them, so I did load her.

Sylvia and her twin sister Simone

I also caught Jack, who was born in June, the boys from up north, Simone, Gemma, Pinta, and Greta.   They made a pretty full load.

Popcorn always likes load out day because he comes out into the driveway and eats.  This boy is spoiled.


Anyhow, I put Popcorn back in the barnyard and headed for the sale barn.

I arrived at a good time because there was just two trailers in front of me (there was a longer line when I left), so I didn’t have to wait long at all.

Of course, every time I looked in the rear view mirror all the way down, I got to see cute little Sylvia. Dang brat.

I backed up to the chute, and had them unloaded before they came to help me, and I was on my way again.

I thought I’d try milking Cutie since I took both of her girls, but she really doesn’t have much milk.  She’s looking a bit run down, so she is not getting milked.

Cutie Pie

Zinnia is not letting her girl nurse since I sold Jack.  She has a decent amount of milk, so I’ll milk her too, to help fill up my freezer.  It was a good thing to get the kids sold. I have one more trip of kids from this year.