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5 Sep

The day after I had my adventure with Gemma and Lemuel, I came home and did my usual tail count.  Guess whose tail was missing.  Lemuel.

Pinta and Lemuel

I had the presence of mind to throw a big pet taxi in the back of the Ranger before I took off for the Back Forty to find him.  When I got back up to the house, I just pulled into the garage and left him there until I prepared a new horn apparatus.

Um, it might have been his dad, Tiger, who lost my last one.


Once I got it on him, I had the thought that he’d probably injure his maa, Onyx, trying to nurse if I let him back out with her.

Victoria and Onyx

So I weaned him.

He’s up north with the other bucks and Perdita.

Chunky and Perdita, Geo and Olaf, Lemuel, and Swen

That’s where he’s going to stay for now.