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Some Days

4 Sep

So, I was coming down my gravel road home after work and saw a kid stuck in the south fence. (All images are a reenactment.)

Bambi is not a kid, but she is polled and had her head through the fence, so…

If I see a goat stuck, I get there the fastest way possible. That meant slamming on my breaks and backing down the hill closer to the fence line. Of course, my new, smart car started freaking out and beeping that I was a crazy woman and going to drive into the ditch. Pish.

back up camera

I stopped and went through the ditch to climb the fence. Of course, I did have the presence of mind to hike my dress up to my hip line so I didn’t snag it on the barbed wire. I might have done that at the second fence, and there might have been a car passing by. Don’t worry, I had on those shorts to keep you covered in place of a slip. No problems. Although, I didn’t catch my dress on the barbed wire, I do have a nice scratch on my leg, but at least that will heal.

Then I jumped the ditch in my work sandals. I do not recommend that, but at least it’s dry enough I could cross it without falling in.

Thankfully, the third fence I climbed with my dress up (no cars this time) didn’t have barbed wire on the top. Easy peasy.  By this time, I could tell the stuck goat was Gemma. I’ve touched her maybe once since she was born.

Gemma (zoomed in a ridiculous amount because I can’t touch her)

As I called to her to reassure her that I was coming to the rescue, she panicked. That caused her to start flopping around like a fish out of water while I huffed and puffed up the hill towards her.

It doesn’t look like much, but try running it.

As luck would have it, she wasn’t really stuck. She just needed the motivation (fear of being touched) to help her get out of the fence. So back I went over three fences and a ditch. Of course, that should be the end of the story, but when I got up to the barnyard, I saw Lemuel with his head through the fence.

Lemuel (it started raining, so I’m using old pictures)

Now Lemuel is little and he had his had through a big hole. If he had turned his head literally, ten degrees in any direction, it would have slipped right out. But he thought he was stuck and didn’t even try to move his head to get it out, so he was really stuck. I swear.

Lemuel Goodberry

Some days I wonder why I have goats.