5 Aug

When I moved to my acreage 22 1/2 years ago, the first animal I added was geese.  I got them as little babies.  I adored them, and I added a few more the next year.  At one point I had about 25.

Kizzy peacefully in the middle of the Embden, Toulouse, and African geese

I adored my geese for twenty years.

Gabby was the best mom.

The ganders could be quite nasty during breeding season, but for the most part we all got along.

protecting a nest

I did have the “three amigos” who were three ganders without mates.  They just hung out with each other.  Occasionally, they’d nip a kid’s tail, but it was just a goose goosing a kid.  They weren’t mean.

the “three amigos” at the cattle tank

After the coyotes decimated my flock I was left with just one of the last girls hatched and old ganders. After I lost the old guys, I really wanted more for her to have company.  I liked my geese.

What was left of my flock after the coyotes decimated them.

I now hate them.  The three who came to my farm are terrorists.  I had to let them out of the chicken pen because they constantly attacked me.

The three I brought to the farm as company for my last African girl.

Now they attack my goats; they chase them out of where they always napped. They chase my girls away from the milk room while I’m trying to milk.  I even saw them chase a llama out of the barnyard.  When Frodo and Rosie were tiny babies sleeping, the geese were biting them.  The kids were so little they didn’t even know to run away, and I had to rescue them.  They attacked Benji when he first got here and didn’t know he couldn’t put his head through the fence.

They are teaching the three hatched this spring to be just as bad.

The final straw was when my old, nice lady hatched new goslings.  One didn’t make it out of the egg, so I was helping it get out and put it under a heat lamp to gain strength.  While I was doing this, they (I think the two-year-old girl–I’m not positive) killed all three of the newly hatched goslings.

the gosling I helped out of the egg

I’m done with them.  I managed to get my nice older mom and herd her into the chicken pen.  I took the gosling back over to her, and they are doing well.

Mrs. Goose misses the others, and they want in with her, but the older girl tried to reach through and kill this gosling when she saw it.

The six terrorists wanting in with mama goose; the junk is to try and keep the gosling away from the fence, but I shut them in the building to be sure.

So, I listed those six for sale.  It took a couple of hours before I had a taker.  I herded them into the Love Shack (you can herd geese, but not llamas), and then I sent them on their way.

I’ll leave Mrs. Goose and her baby in the chicken pen so that the little one is more protected and likely to live.

No good pictures because she is protective and I’m not getting that close

I hope it’s a girl.

Hopefully, it gets its temperament from its mom and not those other nasty things.

One Response to “Geese”

  1. Jeanne August 7, 2021 at 1:19 am #

    I didn’t realize you’d lived on your farm that long! So neat. I really enjoy reading all about everything that goes on.

    I was really surprised to read the saga of the geese. Now I understand why you have had such mean and ornery geese. I always wondered why you kept such mean characters. It all makes sense now, with all the puzzle pieces in place. Thanks for the explanation! I’m glad the meanies are gone. No more biting you!

    I’m tickled about the new gosling. I hope she/he will be a really nice adult! What a cutie!

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