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17 Jul

When I put the herd back together, it’s the first time since April that Haley has been with the whole herd.


She’s actually doing a really good job of using that foot to walk.  She has a sleek coat, and she’s solid red again. She’s gaining weight.  She acts really good.

But I’m not sure that the infection is completely gone.  Time will tell.


I was really impressed that she went out to pasture with the herd the next morning.

On the tree bridge

I did go out to check on her (and Pretzel). I didn’t want either one of them to get left behind. You can see how well she was walking on it.

Although, she did get really exhausted. She came back up from pasture early (so does Dolly) to rest and get sweet feed. (It’s Sylvia in the tree in the video below.)

I’m going to do what I can for her and let her be happy as long as she can, but I have no idea how long that will be.