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Not Quite How I Planned

9 Jul

My plan to put the moms on the front pasture so their kids could get used to following them is not working out well.

Cupid with Pongo nursing

Mostly because the pasture is so thick the kids can’t even walk out there.

Sidney feeding her boys

Really.  When I was out checking on them, Frodo saw me and was going to bounce away.  He fell and pretty much did a face plant.  It’s just brutal trying to walk out there.

Rosie and Frodo (mid face plant)

I saw Pretzel and one of the red ones (maybe Lemuel) trying to find their moms.  I could see them bouncing through the tall grass and hear them calling.  Pretty soon they were at the fence and still calling to try and find their moms.  They did eventually find the herd.


This weekend I might try to put everyone on the Back Forty again.  The kids will most likely stay up here in the barnyard, but they will be fine. They’ll get to pig out (like Perdita) when their moms come up from pasture.

Thunder (front) and Lightning nursing

If they do go out to pasture, it will be a lot easier for them to get around, and they are getting old enough that they shouldn’t just fall asleep out there, and since I have them on just the front half after their escapades the other day, it will be easier to keep track of them.