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Smarty Pants Perdita

4 Jul

I told you that I had to separate Perdita and Astra again because she wanted to nurse again, and Astra would let her.


Well, they act like they had never been weaned.  They call to each other and cry, and Perdita doesn’t even go out with the herd when they go.  If she hadn’t already been weaned, I’d feel guilty.

Perdita and Astra

But now, I’m just annoyed.  I thought Astra was spending too much time in the barnyard hanging out with the moms.  Her milk production was going down.  I barely got any the other night.

Less than a quart for the whole day

Then I caught smarty pants Perdita in the act!

sorry for the bad cell phone picture, but it’s what I had on me at the time

Brat.  This is how she looks after draining a quart of MY milk from her maa.

Milk coma.