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Odds and Ends of What’s Going On

27 Jun

Summer is such a busy time on the farm that I can’t seem to keep caught up with everything that’s going on.  Although, that seems to be true all year round.  The kids are growing and doing well.

Zinnia, Ivy and Jack-in-the-Pulpet


I’m still taking inventory of the big kids every night to make sure everyone is safe in the barnyard.

Chunky and Caroline

It’s getting hard to count because they just flop everywhere and don’t necessarily cuddle with their maa or siblings anymore.  They are also getting big, and I keep forgetting to count some of them or try to count my adults as kids.

Chiffon and LilyAnn in the midst of a bunch of kids

I think I’ve found the right food combination for the chickens.  It’s a good day when you get eleven eggs from the eleven hens, especially when this is the fourth year laying for over half of them.

We nearly had a traffic jam on the farm the other day.  My nephew was spraying the soybeans while his dad was moving the round bales.

The bales got put in the shed up north for this winter’s use.

Haley is still doing well.  Bless my son and nephew for holding her while I change the bandage.  Last time, I even trimmed her hooves.  I thought that might continue to encourage her to put more weight on it.


I think I mentioned that I finally got a push mower.

Sky checking out whatever this is that invaded his yard.

Between everything else and rain showers, I’m trying to reclaim my yard. That is also a never-ending project it seems like.  It’s also sad that it takes the mower, grass shears, tree loppers, and a machete to get the job done. But, I am making progress.

Pretzel had the hardest time figuring out how to nurse her maa.  She is so tall and Moira’s teats hang fairly low, and it just wasn’t working.

Pretzel nursing Moira

I think it was the first two or three days that I had to help her nurse before she could get it on her own. She has it figured out now, and that makes life much easier.

Finally, I leave you with three lazy llamas.

Odie, Aurora, and Maybeline

They have the pampered life!