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Food Fight

25 Jun

Without fail, Dolly shows up for her afternoon snack in the milk room.


Without fail, she and Aurora both race to the milk room.

Dolly and Aurora

Dolly gets to come in and eat every day.

I try to feed Aurora.

I can tell she’s starting to get her fat packs built back up along her backbone.  She’ll need that for winter.

Compared to Odie she looks skinny, but she is not too bad; llamas are not supposed to be heavy bodied.

So I always try to give her some extra feed.  Some days it works out perfectly to feed the two of them.

But what frequently happens is that Odie notices Aurora getting some feed.

Then, she has to come over.  That does not make Aurora happy.  She does not want to share her food, and I don’t want to feed an already fat llama.

Odie is not happy that she doesn’t get some food too.

When Odie gets close, it turns into a food fight.

There is occasionally spitting.