The End of the Season

24 Jun

Right after everything settled down with Sidney, I went to check Cupid and Hilda, hoping like crazy that I was going to get to sleep all night.  Cupid was looking fine.  Hilda, however, left me wondering.  I waited and checked her again right before bed, and she had settled down, so I decided to risk it and sleep all night.

Hilda and Purl (Gidget to the right; Chiffon in front)

When I got up in the morning, it was obvious that she had dropped and popped.

I had to get her shut in.  I didn’t even get my coffee first.  I caught her no problem, but then I had to drag her across the barnyard.  We finally made it to the greenhouse.

I was still tying the gate shut when I saw the rest of the herd heading out to pasture.  Finally, I got lucky!

I shut her in and gave her a bit of hay to eat.

It was not long at all before she really got down to business.  You might recall that she was bred to Freddie to give me the other half of my perfect kid parents.  (Translation:  she needed to have a buck to breed to Pretzel to make the perfect kid.)

Then just before lunch, without drama, she had a beautiful little buck.

(It’s hard work; she took a break to yawn.)

She was being such a doting mom that she couldn’t remember to push when the second baby was right there.

That means I pulled her little girl for her.

But it was easy.  I am very pleased to introduce Hilda’s kids: Frodo and Rosie.



One more to go!  Or so I thought.  When I went out to check on Cupid when I was doing chores that afternoon, I was rather surprised to her in the back of the barn and not by herself.

He is one sturdy little buck.

I have no idea when she snuck up from pasture and had him, but they are both doing quite well.  The only hard part on this one was getting her across the barnyard and into a pen (because we have more rain coming).

Pongo and Cupid

We’re done!  Thank goatness!

One Response to “The End of the Season”

  1. Jeanne June 26, 2021 at 10:44 pm #

    Whew! What a relief for you! And such beautiful babes, too! And you got the little buck, too! I hope he’s good enough! Little Pretzel is certainly beautiful! So now we have to wait for them to grow up!

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